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AWS Summit Taiwan 2022|Altek 5G 360° AI Camera


AWS Summit Taiwan 2022Altek 5G 360° AI Camera

Altek ( 3059.TW) in the exhibition area of the "AWS Summit Taiwan 2022" to exhibit 5G 360°AI Camera. The solution integrates Amazon Web Services (AWS) and is equipped with Qualcomm QRB5165M system chipset, supports 5G mmWave and Wi-Fi 6, and uses multiple endpoints, 360° surround images, and high-resolution real-time image recognition. Real time at all times ensures the security control of the enterprise and the factory area, and provides accurate and real-time artificial intelligence detection results in the whole field.
After two years, AWS Summit Taiwan 2022 will be held from August 10th to 11th, bringing together AWS technical elites and representatives of the world's leading industries to share the most forward-looking technology development, business insights and application practices. Facing the 5G era, Altek shared the newly released 5G smart applications and AI smart visual imaging solutions this year at this AWS Summit Taiwan 2022, adding innovative momentum and impetus to the AIoT industry.
5G includes two frequency bands below 6GHz and millimeter wave, and has the characteristics of high-speed, large-bandwidth, and low-latency data transmission. Altek 5G 360° AI Camera is equipped with the Qualcomm QRB5165M system chipset, which provides high-quality 4K visual image processing capabilities, and is equipped with powerful artificial intelligence. Electronic Fence, which can perform accurate and real-time security detection in 360° of the factory area. By providing artificial intelligence visual imaging solutions, it will help to accelerate the upgrading of the global 5G industry chain.
Altek 5G 360° AI Camera | Features
■ Real-time field monitoring at all times
■ 360° high-resolution surround view images
■ 5G mmWave & WiFi 6 high-speed/low-latency/multi-link wireless network data transmission
■ Massive transmission of accurate & real-time artificial intelligence detection results in the whole field
■ Easy and fast installation in various fields
Altek will provide a deeper experience at booth S02 in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2 during AWS Summit Taiwan 2022. You are welcome to come and experience.

■ Exhibition Name :  AWS Summit Taiwan 2022
■ Date of exhibition : August 10-11 , 2022
■ Exhibition Hall : Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2
■ Booth No. : S02 |Qualcomm 
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