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Compensation and Benefits

Salary and Benefits
Altek has established a market-competitive salary above the industry average, and achieved profit sharing through employee dividends.
Altek 's work flexibility provides a leave system that is better than the labor base law.
We plan employee insurance and employee’s family insurance that are superior to the Labor Standards Act, such as holding regular
employee health checks, providing subsidies for marriage, childbirth, hospitalization, funerals, and other activities such as employee travel.

Employees enjoy gifts (coupons) or gifts for birthdays and New Year's holidays, and special discounts in special stores.
In order to reward R&D and innovation, the company provides generous patent application bonuses. In addition, the company encourages
colleagues to recommend outstanding talents to the company and provides referral bonuses.

【Overall Remuneration Policy】

In order to attract and retain outstanding talents and enable employees to share operational results with the company, the company provides competitive
remuneration and realizes profit sharing through employee dividends and benefits. Among them, the company regularly refers to professional salary survey
reports to provide market-competitive monthly salaries; and based on the duties and responsibilities of colleagues, combined with company operations and
personal performance, the company provides employees with dividends, performance bonuses and benefits.
The company participates in market salary surveys every year and adjusts salaries according to market salary levels, economic trends and personal
performance, in order to maintain overall salary competitiveness and retain outstanding talents.

【Employee Stock Ownership Trust】
After the employee's probation period expires, they can participate in the employee shareholding trust plan. The employees participating in the plan will
contribute a fixed amount from their monthly salary. At the same time, the company will also allocate public withdrawal funds and jointly deposit them in a
dedicated trust account. Not only to achieve the purpose of retaining talents, but also to help colleagues accumulate wealth, work together for the company's
operational performance, and achieve sustainable operation.

Altek Retirement System
Altek is in accordance with the Labor Standards Act and Labor Pension Act; the laws and regulations provide monthly labor retirement
reserves and disclose the retirement methods in the "Work Rules".

The subsidiaries all comply with relevant laws and regulations.
The company's 2022 retirement fund allocation is as follows:
Old System New System
of Law
Labor Standards Act Labor Pension Act
How to
2% of the total monthly salary is allocated and deposited in a special account in the
"Bank of Taiwan" under the name of the "Labor Retirement Reserve Supervision Committee".
The monthly labor pension shall be paid at least 6% of the salary to the
employee's personal account of the Labor Insurance Bureau.
The balance of workers’ retirement reserves is NT$48,688 thousand. The cost of pensions recognized in 2022 is NT$15,960 thousand.
Human Rights Policy and Specific Management Plan
Altek complies with the Labor Standards Act, Act of Gender Equality in Employment, and supports various international human rights
conventions, including the "United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights", "United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and
Human Rights" and "The ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work" etc.  Altek provides great working conditions,
respects human rights and creates a dignified working environment to protect the human rights of employees.
Implementation Policy:
​1. The labor/employment contract between each employee complies with relevant local laws and regulations.
2. Provide a safe and healthy working environment.
3. Prohibition of child labor.
4. Weekly working hours should not exceed the maximum limit stipulated by local laws.
5. Pay a fair and full living wage on time, and state the legal deductions with the salary slip.
6. Eliminate unlawful discrimination to ensure equal job opportunities.
7. Forced labor is prohibited.
8. Altek prohibits any tangible or intangible sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace.
Specific Management Plan:
Implement the vacation system and encourage colleagues to pay attention to work-life balance.
Provide human rights protection-related training for colleagues and provide occupational safety training courses based on the situations that employees will encounter in the workplace.
In 2022, attendance to the training courses reached 85, with a total of 255 hours.